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the key word in construction - is the foundation on which Beach Contractors is established.

In addition to construction acumen, the Beach Contractors team is equipped to advise on a number of project related matters. Access to our experience in site selection, site acquisition, construction financing, community relations, cost control and other important supplementary fields is available to our clients.

Procedures developed by Beach Contractors make it possible to determine well in advance possible trouble areas that might adversely affect project progress or cost.

Throughout our long history, Beach Contractors has successfully constructed a great variety of projects which include office buildings, airport terminals, research centers, hotels and apartment complexes. Beach Contractors has constructed more than 3,500 units of low and moderate income housing for senior citizens. We are indeed, proud of our record.

During the early 1990’s we recognized the increased demand for single family housing and our residential division was created. We have delivered numerous individual and multi-home subdivisions with the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Although a substantial portion of our activity is now in the residential market, we are still actively involved in the commercial arena. We believe that our level of professional commitment, our guarantee of responsibility and the competence and courtesy of our staff are responsible for our success.

We offer, through one of our affiliates, Morgan Realty Consultants, LLC, access to their knowledegble staff for assistance in site acquisition. To learn how Beach Contractors can assist you in getting your projects constructed, we invite you to contact us.

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